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Former northeast-based Cabinets Direct manufacturer-turned-remodel company, Zimmerman Kitchen Designs decided to give its brand a new location, look, services and clientele. Introducing South Florida high-end, specialty remodel company offering renovation services for the two most common used areas in the home: the bathroom & kitchen.

Many of today’s homeowners and consumers are looking for more than a just simple paint job, kitchen counter or vanity fix. They’re looking for a complete remodel & home refresh experience that delivers immediate and long-term satisfaction, warmth, happiness & customer service. Zimmerman Kitchen Designs aims to deliver just that: an experience to last the home, and bank, a lifetime. Formerly called Cabinets Direct USA for its specialty work in cabinetry, ZKD rebranded in 2021 to focus its specialties in areas of the home most common used and prized: the bathroom & kitchen. Today, the remodeler has 2 showrooms in South Florida and offers free consultations to homeowners.

Besides tackling its rebrand in South Florida in 2021, Zimmerman Kitchen Design is also reinventing its image and siloed reputation on social media to appeal to more homeowners where they’re already browsing, reviewing and shopping: Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest. 

How does ZKD break through the home renovation space to stay relevant, inspire, encourage and compel affluent consumers in South Florida to makeover their space? 

Helped reinvent the former Cabinets Direct USA company as the new South Florida-based, complete-home-remodel, affluent lifestyle brand across the social & digital sphere.

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