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If you’re losing hair and you need answers fast, Rogaine® answers the causes of MEN'S hair loss and what men can do to stop it. Now it doesn’t change follicle quantity, but it can revitalize your existing follicles to stimulate more hair growth over time.
The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, also known as hereditary hair loss. The average person who doesn’t have male pattern baldness running in their family typically loses 50-100 hairs a day. The number of hair follicles men have now is the same amount they were born with — it’s hereditary. Yet for those with hereditary male pattern baldness, the typical hair loss is way more.  But DNA aside, hair loss is a tough, sensitive subject for many men. So much so, men seeking out advice, treatment and a community is almost non-existent. Instead, many men self-diagnose online instead of facing a doctor or peers and get treatment from online marketplaces and shops. But this approach isn’t sustainable in the long-run. How does Men’s Rogaine® reposition itself as more than just a “going bald” solution but an effective proactive hair thinning fix?
Change the mindsets of men everywhere that Men’s Rogaine® isn’t just a “going-bald solution” but a “proactive hair thinning fix”.​ Encourage the internationally known but not talked about issue to become a regular topic of conversation, medical attention and social acceptance.

Shine light on a common medical challenge faced by men everywhere through storytelling, social promotion, public relations and creative design. 

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