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The leading mouthwash brand, specially formulated to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against decay, fights back against myths and competitors.

Listerine® has long been hailed the “fresh breath giver and clean mouth maker.” The mouthwash kills 99% of bad breath germs, offers a vast line of oral care products, and gives patients and health consumers tips & tricks daily on how to maintain healthy oral hygiene. Yet in more recent years, new data has shown some mouthwashes give consumers negative side effects.

Promote the six common benefits, including: 

  • Fighting cavities, making them beg for mercy
  • Restoring minerals to your mouth which help build enamel
  • Strengthening teeth white fluoride.
  • Killing halitosis, also commonly known as “bad breath” (watch your step, garlic)
  • Cleaning the whole mouth and every nook & cranny in between
  • Leaving a minty taste & enjoyable experience

Reinforced Listerine®’s safe ingredients, global positive sentiment and sustainability protocols, while repositioning itself among millennial audiences.

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