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cooling pond

Tucked away in a rolling valley in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, this family-owned, husband-and-wife-started, 2022 Gold Medal Beer Cup winning brewery holds the secret to beer success and is just waiting for you to stroll through its farmhouse doors.
This small but mighty, family-owned brewery in Southwest Virginia has been making its own line of hoppy craft beer unlike any other in the region for years. So much so it holds the secret to craft beer success: Southern enthusiasm, rich flavor, and special technique. Kicking off around 2017, this husband-and-wife team broke ground and got to work on building out the soon-to-be expansive facilities. That would include 1) all the barrels on-site where the beer would be made, 2) an outdoor beer garden and field for games, 3) an indoor drink hall with handmade wooden tables, 4) small tasting room, 5) lively decorated bar for relaxing patrons, and 6) a gift shop for taking a piece of the brewery home. Yet in Virginia alone, there are about 200 microbreweries offering locally homemade brews. A few of them have even made nature trails to get to them. And as far a beer shop presence online, the master crafter has none yet.

Promote its grounds, redefine Virginia’s craft beer culture, and transform the local eat, shop & drink mindset. And compete with all the others in the Virginia region.

Built from scratch and later refreshed Cooling Pond Brewery’s digital presence to promote the 2022 Gold Medal Award-winning microbrewery.

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