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Washington-DC-based speakers agency, Keppler Speakers represents many of the most prestigious and celebrated speakers across business, world affairs, politics, entertainment, education, sports, leadership & more.

You wouldn’t believe how powerful words can be. The words from a suicide prevention speaker on how important maintaining mental health is. The words from a food critic on how fad diets can make you rethink your own diet. The words from an environmentalist on how your everyday actions can make you rethink your footprint. The words from a revered broadcaster on how her racial challenges can change how we talk about it as a nation. The words from a former famous con artist on how his early life of fraud impacted his future and the face of the FBI.

Those motivational speakers have overcome difficulties in their past and took the lessons from their experiences to catapult themselves into greatness. Keppler Speakers agency makes those words come alive by sharing intimate, true-life stories with colleges & corporates alike. 

How does Keppler continue to promote the passions, stories & presence of its speakers every day when the spotlight isn’t on the stage, the seats aren’t filled, and the speaker isn’t sharing that candidly to thousands?

Promoted the profiles and stories of the renowned speakers who have overcome incredible challenges, spearheaded their own passion projects, accomplished never-been-done-before milestones, and pushed their industries forward, across digital and social channels to inspire others to live better lives.

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