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Beneath the Washington, D.C. veil of politics, cherry blossoms, and historic beauty lies this flamboyantly, eclectic neighborhood of hidden gems, booming businesses, innovative green efforts and arts vibe, Adams Morgan.

Adams Morgan is a Washington, D.C. neighborhood with crowded nightlife revelry, historic row houses on 18th Street, Adam’s Inn Bed & Breakfast, independently-owned shops, boutique studios, and charming townhouses. But there’s more to this colorful neighborhood than just ethnic eats and trendy drinks. It’s a teeming ethnic hub, central business district, home to influential, political heavy hitters – and has a sustainable green thumb like no other in the D.C. region. What you can expect: daytime diversions and entertaining evenings. The lifestyle: laid back and unpretentious. The market: a variety of housing options for the budget-friendly working class and wealthier corporate folks. What you’ll fall in love with: the diverse culture. 

Despite the city’s easy access to the rest of D.C., Adams Morgan still gets a bad rep. The party rep, that is. The bars closing past 2am, the crowds getting crazier by the day, and the activities getting more eccentric – these all make the rest of D.C. (and the region) wonder. 

How does this D.C. neighborhood promote its thriving business hub and hidden gems to local, regional and national audiences? Beyond that, how does AM secure more sales, population growth, new business, cultural diversity and sustainability support?

Spotlighted the vibrant Washington, D.C. neighborhood as a thriving cultural and green hub – full of business opportunities and splendors at the 32nd Annual Adams Morgan Day Festival in 2009. Helped run the Festival’s Green Initiative before, during and after the event, managing press relations, social media outreach and creative content production. 

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