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Meet Sean Davey, award-winning photographer, artist & surf-veteran, whose awe-inspiring galleries, collections & workshops will make you want to surf, lean on palms and buy everything in his collection.

Sean Davey’s eye for catching that perfect, candid moment in some remote destination of the surf world produces art unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The 30-year-veteran surf photographer, who’s graced the cover of more than 185 international magazines and based operations out of his home in Hawaii’s North Shore, does more than just give you a glimpse inside the surf world. He brings you into those epic moments like you’re literally hanging ten alongside a surf legend on the waves of the most dangerous pipeline in the world. 

Sean shoots coastal art covering a range of subjects, locations & backdrops – from Australia to the Maldives, half underwater to aerial shots 10,000 feet up, and 100-year-old leaning palms to surfers 100 feet out riding inside the curl of a wave.

Yet despite the photographer’s wild success these past years, Sean has faced a barage of challenges including piracy, copyright issues, social media shops, Amazon, and free photography tools, to name a few. With surf photography becoming easier to take and post on social media channels these days thanks to apps, more people are doing it meaning less purchase of professional work. Including wicked talented photographers like Sean.

How does Sean Davey promote his work spanning 30 years, across multimedia platforms, art mediums, and outdoor terrain? Also, how does Sean raise the online presence of his one-of-a-kind incredible artwork and his genuine down-to-earth personality and customer service? 

Redesigned, refreshed and repositioned www.SeanDavey.com as an international art marketplace. Built Sean Davey’s Instagram shop from scratch. Brought to life Sean’s 900-something distinct pieces of artwork taken all over the world, through compelling storytelling.

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