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The largest cruise line in the world, with a 24-ship-fleet, global ports and Goliath reputation, struggles with its brand image internationally.  

The first thing you probably think of when you hear Carnival® Cruiselines is: fun, family, and economical. That’s all very true, according to brand leaders. Carnival has the highest number of ships worldwide, operating 24 vessels in total, and specializes in fun, laid-back, family-friendly cruises exclusively from North American homeports. The cruise line also offers some of the lowest itineraries in the industry, particularly on short 3- and 4-night Caribbean cruises.

Beyond the fun reputation though, Carnival® wants to reposition its brand image to embody and evoke more sustainability, destination stewardship & a world-class culture vibe onboard. In the last 10 years, Carnival® has been able to establish a small footprint of destination stewardship across its new ports in Europe, Mediterranean, South Pacific, and many places in between. Yet it still has a long way to come. How does the largest cruise line in the U.S. push the boundaries of sustainable travel, promote good will, and sell more European itineraries to global audiences? 

Expanded Carnival® Cruise Line’s reach across dozens of countries within Europe, Mediterranean & South Pacific by offering travelers more sustainable, world-class, sought-after destinations. 

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