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A 6-part docuseries airing in 2019, ‘Living Undocumented’ shines a light on the truth and challenges behind the U.S. Immigration System, as well as the undocumented immigrants forced to live in the deepest shadows of churches, basements, hidden back houses, and more.

There are 11M undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. today, working and contributing to the U.S. economy. In fact, immigrants make up significant shares of the U.S. workforce in a range of industries. Over 2/5 make up farming, fishing & forestry workers. About ¼ work in math & computer sciences. The highest number of immigrants – over 4M – work in healthcare and social assistance. As workers, business owners, taxpayers & neighbors, immigrants are an integral part of our society and make extensive contributions that benefit all. Did you know that 14% of the nation’s residents are foreign-born? Over ½ of whom are naturalized U.S. citizens? And nearly 70% of all immigrants, who come from diverse backgrounds across the globe, report speaking English well or very well? 

It’s all true but unfortunately, immigrants are so commonly discriminated against for their ethnicity, race and citizenship and face immense hardship, displacement, doubt, poverty, destitution, and lack of resources. Without this population, the U.S. wouldn’t be where it is today, or successful. Now there have been some small-scale exposes, impact campaigns and even laws put in place to help the undocumented in recent years. But that’s not enough. A global spotlight needs to be cast on these people living in the shadows to hear their story and expose a larger critical issue happening nationally. 

Netflix® prides itself on creating, hosting and promoting programming that exposes truth, rallies around positive causes and increases viewership around needed challenges. In 2019, executive producer Selena Gomez and Emmy-winning executive producers Aaron Saidman and Eli Holzman decided to do something about it.

On the issue level, how can Netflix® shed light on the divisive U.S. Immigration System and the current challenges immigrants face? On the human level, how can Netflix® reach those individuals living in the shadows and get them to trust, open up and even share their stories to global audiences, while they’re still fearing for their lives and navigating legal citizenship challenges at the same time?

Shined a light on undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and their challenges, by finding, interviewing and casting them for this 6 part documentary series.

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