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Stanford is well-known for its highly-ranked University reputation, breathtaking college campus, alumni population, and proximity to Silicon Valley and other geographic pockets of hi-income cities. But do people know about its renowned hospital system, Stanford Hospital & Clinics? The hospital system employs wicked smart doctors, innovative services, never-been-done-before procedures, state-of-the-art-technology and network of providers. In fact, Stanford Hospitals & Clinics is known for giving its first successful adult human heart transplant in the U.S. and giving the first combined heart-lung transplant in the world. It's also renowned for the its specialized heart-services center, championing heart health globally.

Despite Stanford’s reputation and medical awards, Stanford lacks the online digital & social presence it desperately needs to compete in today’s health & wellness space.

Part of that is due to the fact that most patients and consumers are scared to ask deeply personal medical questions, face constructive criticism from healthcare professionals, or even take initiative until they’re sick. The other part of that is Stanford’s need for adapting to the modern health & wellness age: it’s pretty much digital.

What this provider needs is a strong digital ecosystem with a AI-driven website, personalized email system, supporting social channels & communities to foster the organic conversations needed around maintaining healthcare everyday.

Refresh Stanford’s online digital & social presence, turn healthcare topics, needs and challenges into everyday conversation starters, and meet patients where they are seeking advice, asking questions and sharing stories.

Helped increase awareness of Stanford’s heart services, doctors, products, location and refreshed online presence to diverse patient communities locally, nationally and globally.

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