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A well-known, national kitchen & appliance brand, Hamilton Beach® opened its revenue stream to the world's largest marketplace and Direct-to-Consumer platform, Founded over 100 years ago, Hamilton Beach® is an American designer, marketer and distributor of home appliances and commercial restaurant equipment. Known for its large number of kitchen appliances including toaster ovens, food processors, blenders and out-of-this-world-can-openers, its biggest selling point is its highly economical prices. In the last couple decades, Hamilton Beach® has dominated kitchen sales in-store at its brick-and-mortar and online through its website,

Yet in recent years, especially since the pandemic, in-store sales have plummeted and more kitchen-hungry Americans have been exploring, comparing, reviewing and shopping online – where dozens of other brands are stealing the kitchen spotlight. A new kitchen is a big investment, so it makes sense for consumers to love a kitchen that’s rated highly in lab assessments and meets all the cooking standards. It also makes sense for Americans to invest in kitchen appliances that have a rich story behind it. A story that’s warm, family-friendly and empowering.

Appeal to, reach and steal all those audiences who are looking to find the right kitchen appliances among all the crappy ones. In doing so, reposition the popular, American made appliances brand, and 32 of its best-selling appliances, on today’s leading marketplace. 

Helped launch Hamilton Beach®’s very first online store on, highlighting 32 of their best-selling appliances through creative, interactive storytelling.

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