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Care To Recycle® is part of Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to caring for the home we all share, by giving tips, facts, crafts & activities that make recycling in the bathroom easy, fun & effective.

Did you know that by 2050, more than 9B people are expected to be living in the world? By that time, the world’s resources will be consumed faster than the planet can replenish, which means people need to be smart about consumption today. The bathroom is probably the biggest culprit of wasted consumption. The initiative encourages families, young people and children to recycle and reuse packaging, like shampoo bottles, tissue boxes & cardboard rolls.

When research showed that many Americans weren’t recycling in the bathroom (where most Johnson & Johnson consumer products are used and disposed), Johnson & Johnson launched Care To Recycle.® Their newest, environmentally-conscious brand. They face the challenge of making people realize how much they consume everyday and starting in one of the places they use most: the bathroom.

How does this new, innovative bathroom brand inspire, encourage, and propel all of us to recycle now to save the planet tomorrow? More importantly, how does reinforce the benefits of recycling, reducing & reusing sundries in the bathroom and help drive a more circular economy?

Built an online social community around the bathroom conversation – from vanity cleaning tips to trash etiquette to recycling reminders. 

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