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With over 850 company-owned and franchises nationally and across 70 countries, Party City® today is the largest retail shop out there for event planning occasions. From birthdays to holidays to themed events to costumes, and so much more. the conglomerate offers ideas and inspiration for pretty much any occasion you can think of. Founded in East Hanover, New Jersey in 1986 by Steve Mandell, the idea for creating a large shop with expansive supplies came from the lack of supplies that existed in other mom-and-pop shops in the area. He decided to go out on his own and launch operations focusing on Halloween. The move proved wildly successful and cemented Party City's success going forward.

For decades, the Party City® brand towered above other party planning stores as the go-to giant retail operation selling everything you need. But in more recent years especially during the height of the Pandemic, Party City® has faced a multitude of challenges. The Pandemic put a harsh and sudden stop to consumers hosting, attending, and enjoying gatherings and festivities all together. That meant less trips to the stores and less planned efforts all together. That alone caused physical foot traffic to dry up, store sales to plummet, consumers to stop having the need to go into a store, and digital stores and alternative online stores to blossom. Online shopping, browsing, research, purchase and door-side delivery skyrocketed. Which also created even more competition in the party planning space, for consumers to pick and choose which online planning service they wanted to go with. With all that in mind, how does Party City® reinforce consumers’ wants and needs for human interaction, engagement and gatherings again after a tough couple years? Also how does the retail giant lean into the new unconventional party planning techniques, like half in-person and half online event planning? Lastly, how does the traditional brick-and-mortar company appeal to ever-evolving generational audiences?

Based on today’s evolving industry of party planning, plethora of shopping options available for consumers and need for customized, tailored planning options, Party City® aims to reposition its brand as a multi-generational, online and offline party planning brand with customized things to fit any taste, budget and occasion. 

So how does AYR wellness increase its digital and physical footprint, improve the in-store experience at entry and check-out, and battle weed politics simultaneously while onboarding start-up agency to handle all aspects of marketing, digital and loyalty design? Help redesign the multi-brand, multi-platform, multi-region, multi-checkout, multi-point-of-sale website alongside agency team under tremendous deadlines, strapped budget and lean team? 

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National brands reimagined & brought to the market


Complex projects managed in eight months


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New go-to-market strategies designed, presented, developed and implemented in states nationwide


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