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Known for its coverage of controversial topics like crime, gangs, malnutrition, corruption, mis-education, homelessness and more, PBS SoCal took on its first-ever social impact initiative on foster care, To Foster Change.

Los Angeles has the largest foster care system in the U.S. In fact, as of January 2017, more than 33,000 young people were living in foster care. Adding to that alarming statistic, in the same year, California passed a state-wide law drastically ending the operation of group homes, which housed and sadly mistreated many of those young people. It was the right decision to make, but came with a hefty price. By ending the mistreatment across all of California, it unfortunately led to youth displacement, homelessness & an extreme shortage of care providers. There were 3 kids in need for every 1 available parent. What’s more, the education around foster care & adoption to audiences was sparse, confusing, misleading and not represented well on the local or state level. 

PBS SoCal, which covers controversial areas that matter to and impact Southern Californians, decided to step up and take initiative to inform, educate, unveil and change the outcomes of foster care youth.

How does this well-respected media network leverage its local, regional & national programming to educate, persuade and convert parents, families and adults to foster and adopt to change the life outcomes of foster youth? 

Helped change the life outcomes of Los Angeles’ foster youth by collaborating with 32 nonprofits across 6 counties; starting from scratch a digital storytelling platform and social voices  ecosystem; sharing the creation and curation of over 250 multimedia stories over 2 years; and elevating the rank, position and syndication of PBS SoCal network.

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