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Richard Branson’s new sustainable cruise line boasting adult-only, all-inclusive travel experiences across the globe. 

From Virgin Atlantic in the skies to Virgin Galactic in space, Richard Branson has now set his sights on the high seas. Cruising on the high seas, that is. Interestingly enough, the fact that Branson never enjoyed cruising the last couple decades is actually what motivated the business tycoon and founder of The Virgin Group to launch a sustainable cruise line. And a cruiseline for adults only which could deliver an experience unlike any other out there, Virgin Voyages. Needless to say, this has long been in the making. 

Branson poises Virgin Voyages to be synonymous with elevated, chic & luxury. The cruise line will feature all eco-friendly amenities, elevated deluxe cabins for even minimalist travelers, award-winning dining, exclusive expeditions off ship, and more. 

In 2019 and 2020, Branson was looking to disrupt the cruise industry at a time when the major established operators were still figuring out how to manage Covid. Cruise ships were halted. People were barely traveling. And certainly not on cruise ships. The first ship’s maiden voyage was delayed by 1.5 years. At that time, Virgin Voyages was only operating Friends & Family sailings to keep its lights on. The company had to operate on little-to-no revenue until the first revenue sailing in 2022. The cruise industry was already extremely saturated with competitor hospitality brands offering tons of ways to escape the chaos of everyday life.

Yet despite many of those challenges, Branson remained confident his cruise line would stand out from the rest. So how did Virgin push the industry forward and navigate the pandemic safely, ultimately encouraging cruising again, and streamlining the traveler’s experience?

Helped deliver a clean, paperless travel experience, by managing all creative and content for Virgin Voyages’ ‘SailorApp’, the first-ever mobile app designed for cruise lines.

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