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Founded in 1978, Jet’s Detroit-Style pizza has a light airy center, loaded with toppings, surrounded by caramelized cheese & a crispy, square, golden crust baked to perfection. The magic comes from the signature steel pizza pans.

Putting the pizza industry into perspective, it’s among the most saturated industry in the world. In fact, there’s one pizzeria for every 5.1k people. But that’s not slowing down mom & pop shops and pizza chains though. These pizza chains – from household names like Domino’s® & Pizza Hu®t to the fast-casual players like Jet’s Pizza® – are racing toward the same goal: to be the best… the best pizza, the best condiment, the best customer service, the best social brand building loyalty organically… and take out the rest.

Speaking of taking out the rest, that’s exactly what Detroit-born Jet’s Pizza® consistently aims for: Taking out its nemesis and competitor, the Chicago Deep-Dish. What makes it hard is that there’s a cult-like following around these two: Detroit-style vs. Deep-Dish.  The Chicago-style slice is built upon a flaky, thin, deep crust similar to the traditional pie. But the Detroit-style slice relies on a thick and fluffy crust, reminiscent of focaccia. To this Detroit-born brand and all of its cult-like following, the Detroit-style crust stands out among other crusts, thanks to its airier texture & cheesy, crispy underside.

How does Jet’s Pizza® defend its authentic, Detroit-style roots; promote its award-winning pizza, and turn its local, regional and national audiences into family? And how does Jet’s Pizza® stay in business and not fall by the wayside, as more competitive chains forge ahead?

Expand Jet’s Pizza®’s social footprint to reach more fan-loved, wildly popular trending video channels, like TikTok & Instagram. Take over pizza-focused conversations. Increase awareness of all things Jet’s Pizza®, including non-pizza items like merchandise, ranch, travel items and more. Raise local, regional and national awareness of this 43-year-old franchise and its award-winning pizza.

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