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Promote this intense sports media brand as the world's premiere boxing network – dedicated exclusively to the sport of boxing.

Today, almost every American sport out there – golf, football, soccer, MMA – has its own dedicated TV channel like NBC, CNN, GOLF Channel, etc. These TV channels run on a 24-hour schedule, with every hour showing fights of the greats, lesser-knowns and rookies; top re-runs; related podcasts; analysis of fights; documentaries on players and figures; on-demand binge-able content for later; and more. What makes these channels win fans is because they know what wins fans’ hearts: the sport and the physical ability, coordination, stamina, strength, endurance, agility and timing. 

Nonetheless today’s sports and channels have created a fan-obsessed culture. So much so, sports has bled into the daily life of fans: social media, drinks, meals, travels, music, work – you name it. Social media channels like Reddit have created their own communities. Beer companies like Heineken have catered to sports fans who love it. Video streaming platforms like Netflix have offered free prime-time games to their subscribers. Travel companies like Airbnb have created experiences around sports with purchase of stays. All that said, sports fans – any sports fan but especially MMA and boxing fans – have become incredibly valuable and crucial to generating revenue.

Enter ProBox TV, a business idea founded by Garry Jonas, founder and CEO of Iron Mike Productions working alongside Mike Tyson—in partnership with the legendary Roy Jones Jr., Juan Manuel Marquez, Antonio Tarver, and Paulie Malignaggi. Jonas knows what wins fans: the sport and what makes the athlete. Jonas also knows what extensions the fans bring him, beer, media streaming and social media sponsors, to name a few. So Jonas designed ProBox TV to promote the heart of boxing not – boxers or promoters – and sponsor with the best of them: Netflixes, Heinekens, Reddits, and more.

How does media channel-owning entrepreneur, Jonas win valuable boxing fans with his unique subscription model, while continuing to produce viral, compelling boxing content 24/7 for its fans?

Helped create social media strategies, monetization strategies and sponsorship kits for the entrepreneur to build his foundation.  

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