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The digital hub for Johnson & Johnson® brands, Healthy Essentials® promotes all the brands within its family of companies, and strives to create informative, engaging, supportive communities where everyone can share information and have conversations.

Gone are the days where you just purchase Tylenol or BandAids at a brick-and-mortar last minute when you need it. Here to stay is social commerce where patients, consumers, families and health professionals are sharing reviews, shopping around, self-diagnosing sickness, ordering ahead, considering +1 basket items. Health & Wellness shopping has become mostly done through online pharmacies, delivery mobile apps, and e-commerce marketplaces. In fact, health & wellness products make up 44.3% of online sales globally today.

In order to cater and deliver to today’s on-demand generation, retail giant Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies launched the Healthy Essentials® platforms to take online shopping to the next level: host health & wellness products + stories + reviews + all your other relief aids in case people need that, too. Pretty great evolution for a historic, family-centric brand that started selling 125 years ago in pharmacies and apothecaries, and now sells in a virtual store. 

All said and done, J&J wants to expand its sales opportunities to where retail consumers are already shopping, and increase +1 basket drivers. 

For starters, how does Healthy Essentials® carve out a brand presence in the social commerce space, alongside a saturated health & wellness marketplace? Also, much like any health & wellness challenge, how does this beloved family of brands turn only-when-you-need-it products into everyday conversation starters?

Built content for, introduced to the masses and promoted to new audiences, the digital and social ecosystem for the Healthy Essentials® brand, including, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google and more. Turned it into a one-stop-shop and marketplace promoting Splenda®, Men & Women’s Rogaine®, Tylenol®, Care To Recycle®, Listerine®, HealthyEssentials®, Aveeno®, Neosporin®, and more.

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