eSmartTax®, a subsidiary of Liberty Tax, helps filers across the U.S. prepare their returns in fast, easy methods. Like many competitors, eSmartTax® uses white-labeled software to help users file their returns.

In 1985, President Reagan promised a “return-free” tax system in which ½ of all Americans would never have fill out a tax return again. Under Reagan’s ideal framework, taxpayers with simple returns would automatically receive a refund or a letter detailing any tax they owed for that year. Making life simpler, right? Taxpayers who owned businesses, had itemized returns or had more complicated returns would use the system in place today. In 2006, President Barack Obama’s chief economist, Austan Goolsbee, suggested instituting the simple return, where American taxpayers would receive already completed tax forms for their review or correction. Goolsbee estimated his system would save taxpayers more than $2B annually in tax preparation fees. Though never implemented, these two proposals over the past 40 years illustrate what we all know: No one enjoys filling out tax forms. 

Doing taxes in the U.S. is notoriously complicated and costly. It’s even worse when there are delays and backlogs, making it especially hard to reach the Internal Revenue Service for assistance. Did you know that as of October 2022, approximately 151,448,000 tax returns were e-filed for Tax Year 2021? That includes taxpayers who met the April 15th filing deadline, as well as the October extended deadline., the 3rd best-selling marketplace, aims to make doing taxes easier, less complicated and way cheaper. With its cheap e-filing costs, step-by-step directions and chat assistance, eSmart Tax service also guarantees the biggest refund when consumers use their free application process. 

With all the tax filing options available at cost-effective rates today – your local tax guy, turbo tax, H&R Block, your brother, you know a guy – how do single people and families pick the best service to feel inspired, financially happy, and proactively planning for the future… cough cough?

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