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Distributed by the American pharmaceutical and medical-devices company Johnson & Johnson, Bandaid® was invented in 1920 and today has become ubiquitous with healing and pain relief.

This well-known, generational brand has become indelible to American culture. Most of us grew up using it– whether it was to patch up a scraped knee or paper cut– and we  can probably still picture the iconic yellow and white tube sitting in the family medicine cabinet.

But fast forward to today, consumers are no longer just shopping last-minute for pain relievers. They’re planning ahead, shopping online, comparing with friends and bring informed by brand equity.​

How does America’s #1 safety bandage brand, Band-Aid®, go from brick & mortar shelf-talker to online shoppable experience driver? 

Reinforced America’s #1 safety bandage as the best fix for booboos and an everyday part of life by refreshing the brand across social media communities.

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